Brought to you by the former founders of DotEmu, Playdigious is a brand new Mobile publisher also working on innovative tools to improve ad revenues and user acquisition.
  • Who are we?

    Based near Paris, France, Playdigious licenses, localizes, improves, publishes and distributes iOS and Android games at worldwide level. The company is established by Xavier Liard and Romain Tisserand, the formers CEO and CTO of DotEmu.

  • What is our goal?

    Becoming a top rated Publisher esteemed by game developers, distributors and players. We will also do exciting announcements in the upcoming months. More info on

  • What is our editorial policy?

    We are currently only focusing on mobile games (iOS, Android). We are looking for :

    • Publishing of nearly finished mobile games : Ad-supported, Freemium and Premium.
    • Re-publishing : Existing mobile games (paid & free) with 4+/5 rating and over 10K+ dl for paid games and 1M+ dl for free games.
  • What is our background?

    We established DotEmu in 2007 and worked on notorious projects as a developer or publisher, such as Final Fantasy VII on Steam, Metal Slug on iOS/Android/Steam, Double Dragon Trilogy, R- Type etc. We built long term business relationships with Apple, Google, Steam, Samsung, Nvidia, Amazon among others. We sold the company in 2014 and established Playdigious in May 2015.


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