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NORTHGARD will conquer Android on August 24th! Pre-Register it now!

New Clan DLCs coming to Mobile!

Prepare to fight: the Northmen are approaching Android shores!

The Vikings of Shiro Games' popular strategy game Northgard will set foot on Google Play on August 24th at $8.99/€8.99!

Save them a warm welcome by pre-registering Northgard and get notified when the game is out to get it at a special 30% off launch price!

The SnakeDragon and Kraken DLCs will also be available at $2.99/€2.99 each at launch. Players will also be able to buy the Scale Bundle at $6.99/€6.99, which includes all three Clans.

Three new Clans will also join the fight on August 24th on both iOS and Android: the HorseOx and Lynx. Each will be sold at $2.99/€2.99, or together in the Fur Bundle at $6.99/€6.99.

How will you honor your Clan?


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