Playdigious is a publisher with high quality porting capacity focusing on creative premium games.
  • Who are we?

    Based in Montpellier and Nancy, France, Playdigious is a publisher with in-house porting capacity working on high quality indie games on mobile, consoles and PC. The company was established in 2015 by Xavier Liard and Romain Tisserand, experienced entrepreneurs who previously founded DotEmu (Final Fantasy VII Steam/PS4, Wonderboy Switch/PS4 etc).

  • What can we do for devs?

    We are a team of passionate gamers, and we put our experience to good use by helping the greatest indie developers publish their games on mobiles. We can take care of marketing, PR, quality assurance, localization, business-development, and customer support but also PC-to-mobiles porting (and more) – so you can focus on creating the game.

    We have built-up long term business relationship with industry key players such as Apple, Google, local distributors in China, Japan, USA and we even managed to put some games in aircraft (United Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines etc).

  • What is our editorial policy?

    We thrive to provide gamers with quality indie titles that stand out in terms of graphics, story and gameplay. We are currently focusing on games to be ported/published on mobile, consoles and PC.

    We publish only a handful of games per year, to ensure the quality of each and every one of our titles.

  • What are our footage and press policy?

    We hereby grant any individual and company the authorization to share graphic or video footage of all the game we published. You can find supporting and useful materials here. You can also apply for review codes by giving us more information about you at [email protected]


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