A short journey through dreams

Help a man travel through his dreams, as he must learn to accept his own death.

Arrog is an enigmatic puzzle adventure game featuring hand-drawn art and set in a black-and-white world with color accents.

  • Playtime between 20-30min
  • Make sense of a bizarre world made out of traditional animations and portrayed in a unique black-and-white artstyle in this intense narrative experience
  • A hand-crafted soundtrack will accompany you as you progress through each segment of the story
  • Discover puzzles along your journey that you will decipher through simple interactions and logic
  • Experience another view about death and what it represents, based on Latin American folklore
  • Immerse yourself in this short but poetic tale without words

Arrog is now available on iOS and Android devices.


  • $2.99/2.99€
  • App Store
    Google Play

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