Potion Permit is available on mobile now!

Heal the town of Moonbury

Montpellier, France – February 6th: Potion Permit is now available on iOS and Android at a special 30% off launch price!

Potion Permit, MassHive Media’s simulation RPG, is now available on iOS and Android!

Play a chemist in the small colourful town of Moonbury! Followed by your faithful dog, cure your patients by diagnosing symptoms, gathering ingredients and brewing potions. And there’s even more to do around town!

Take care of Moonbury’s population: diagnose their illnesses, gather ingredients, brew them curing potions and build deep bonds!

Players can now get the full game at a special 30% off launch price until February 13th!




  • Take care of Moonbury’s inhabitants: diagnose their illnesses, gather ingredients and brew potions to cure them.


  • Heal the town: Upgrade buildings, expand your gathering area and transform the townsfolk’ lives in many ways.


  • Build relationships with Moonbury’s inhabitants, earn their trust and eventually find love with your chosen sweetheart!


  • Team up with your loyal dog that follows you wherever you go and helps you in your work.


  • Relax in a wholesome, colourful world and live the apothecary life you want!


Revamped interface

Game Center achievements

iCloud – Share your progress between Android devices or iOS devices

Compatible with MFi controllers

iPhone 15 Optimization (including pro max)