Skul: The Hero Slayer is now available on mobile!

Switch your skull and save all of demonkind

Paris, France – June 4th: Skul: The Hero Slayer is now available on iOS and Android at a special -10% off launch price!

It’s finally time to dive head first into this fast-paced action rogue-lite in which bad guys need to be saved for once!

Help Skul, a tiny skeleton soldier, on his journey to rescue the Demon King and all of demonkind from the clutches of the heroes and the Imperial Army.

The task may be daunting but losing your head is greatly encouraged. Combine two skulls and don the skin of 100 playable characters, each with their own exclusive skills!

From the Forest of Harmony to the depths of the Carleon fortress, slay your way through each unique biome and keep an eye socket out for the detailed pixel art that makes the world of Skul so special.

Once you complete the main story, more challenges await thanks to the new ‘Dark Mirror mode’: more powerful enemies will come your way but you’ll have your own new strengths to face them!

Switch your skull to unlock new powers and defeat the smug human heroes to save all of demonkind in this punchy rogue-lite 2D platformer!

The game is now available at $7.99 with a special -10% launch price until June 11th!


  • You’re the last hope of the entire demon race! Play as Skul, a tiny skeleton on a path to slay the pompous heroes and save the demon king from the corrupt army of Carleon.
  • Losing your head never felt so right: try on new skulls to borrow the powers and dashing outfits of their previous owners and create synergies with unique items to defeat your enemies.
  • What is dead may never die: you will not rest until you have faced all the challenges of this action-packed rogue-lite platformer.
  • Let your hollow eyes feast upon vibrant, cartoony pixel-art 2D animations as you help all sorts of demonic creatures return to their original state.
  • From the Mummies of Egypt to the Minotaur of Greece or even an official Dead Cells crossover… Will you spot all the fun easter eggs scattered across the game?


Revamped interface

Game Center achievements – Cloud Save

Share your progress between Android devices or iOS devices

Compatible with MFi controllers

iPhone 15 Optimization (including Pro Max)