Come see more of Linkito during Games Made in France 2024 with a free demo!

Playdigious Originals' new collaboration Linkito is coming to Steam this Summer.

Paris, France, May 14th: Linkito takes part in the Games Made in France event organized by Capital Games from May 16th to 19th with a free demo and a live presentation on Twitch.

Linkito will be featured this week in Games Made in France, the 4-day Twitch event dedicated to the new gems of French independent gaming.

Discover the game with a free demo and a live presentation by Linkito’s developer Kalinarm on Twitch Saturday May 18th at 6:30 PM CEST!

Developed by Kimeria Games and published by Playdigious Originals, Linkito is a logic puzzle game set in a totalitarian world where everything is about effective machinery and productive employees. Based on connexions and block manipulation with satisfying mechanical feedback, the game offers a variety of brainteasers where you have to repair machines, diffuse bombs, control robots or decode messages while discovering the secrets of this shady company.

Albatross Technologies controls machine production and the lives of its employees. You play as an engineer fighting for freedom from the inside, counteracting Albatross’ plans one puzzle at a time! Made by a puzzle-lover for puzzle lovers, Linkito also allows players to create their own puzzles and share them with the community with a built-in level editor and a bunch of Twitch and Aduino integrations, to bring Linkito in the real world!


– Use your logic in many domains to repair machines, diffuse bombs, or control robots in challenging electrical puzzles.

– Tinker with, connect, arrange, flick or even push 100+ different types of physical blocks with satisfying mechanical feedbacks

– Uncover the truth about Albatross Technologies and rebel against the machine in an original 50s dystopian setting

– Learn about each mechanic step by step and progress through your engineering journey to unlock intricate bonus levels!

– Crank up your creativity and create your own electric puzzles with the level editor.

– Link with the community through Twitch, Arduino and OSC integrations