Future Games Show Spring Showcase: Playdigious Originals’ new collaboration Linkito is coming to Steam this Summer

Playdigious Originals' new collaboration Linkito is coming to Steam this Summer.

Paris, France, March 20th: Playdigious Originals is partnering with Kimeria Games to publish Linkito, a connexion-based logic puzzle game, coming to Steam this Summer, as announced during Future Games Show Spring Showcase

Developped by Kimeria Games and published by Playdigious Originals, Linkito is a logic puzzle game set in a totalitarian world where everything is about effective machinery and productive employees.

Based on connexions and block manipulation with satisfying mechanical feedback, the game offers a variety of brainteasers where you have to repair machines, diffuse bombs, control robots or decode messages while discovering the secrets of this shady company.

Albatross Technologies, the company-state that annexed most of the USA after a nuclear Winter, controls machine production and the lives of its employees. You play as an engineer fighting for freedom from the inside, counteracting Albatross’ plans one puzzle at a time!

Made by a puzzle-lover for puzzle lovers, Linkito also allows players to create their own puzzles and share them with the community with a built-in level editor and a bunch of Twitch and Aduino integrations, to bring Linkito in the real world!


– Use your logic in many domains to repair machines, diffuse bombs, or control robots in challenging electrical puzzles.

– Tinker with, connect, arrange, flick or even push 100+ different types of physical blocks with satisfying mechanical feedbacks

– Uncover the truth about Albatross Technologies and rebel against the machine in an original 50s dystopian setting

– Learn about each mechanic step by step and progress through your engineering journey to unlock intricate bonus levels!

– Crank up your creativity and create your own electric puzzles with the level editor.

– Link with the community through Twitch, Arduino and OSC integrations