Legend of Keepers is available on mobile now!

Legend of Keepers is available on iOS and Android Today!

Montpellier, May 9th: Legend of Keepers is available on iOS and Android Today!

Goblinz Studio’s “reverse Darkest Dungeon “is available now with a special 30% off launch price ($4.99 instead of $6.99).

Legend of Keeper’s dungeon management system mixed with roguelite mechanics allow you to play as the most wicked boss RPG heroes will have to face.

The Dungeon company has hired you as their new manager. Budget your resources wisely, hire mobs and build traps to run an impenetrable dungeon and protect the treasure! It’s not east being in charge though: watch out for strikes and sick leaves, your ghoulish employees are quite demanding.


Climb the corporate ladder and optimize your strategy to become the most fearsome boss in dungeon history!



  • Don’t play nice for once: be the bad guy and make those smug heroes pay with your mischievous strategies

  • Deal with the trials of corporate life: mix and match your roster of bloodthirsty employees to stay on top of the dungeon business

  • Being bad never looked this good: see your enemies perish in drop-dead gorgeous animations. Watch out for stains!

  • Manage your resource budget: On top of morale, gold, blood and tears must be spent wisely is this economy.

  • Diversify your management styles:  Play as 3 dungeon masters – each with their own abilities and recruits – through various campaigns