Become a dungeon manager!

Legend of Keepers is a Dungeon Defender where you play as a dungeon manager hiring mobs and building traps to defeat the heroes coming for your gold.
It’s not easy being in charge: you have to experience every company’s struggles, from sick leaves to strikes, and manage your teams to run the most impenetrable dungeon!
In this “reverse-Darkest Dungeon”, climb the corporate ladder and optimize your strategy to become the most fearsome (and, perhaps, respected) boss in dungeon history!


– Don’t play nice for once: be the bad guy and make those smug heroes pay with your mischievous strategies

– Deal with the trials of corporate life: mix and match your roster of bloodthirsty employees to stay on top of the dungeon business

– Being bad never looked this good: see your enemies perish in drop-dead gorgeous animations. Watch out for stains!

– Manage your resource budget: On top of morale, gold, blood and tears must be spent wisely is this economy.

– Diversify your management styles: Play as 3 dungeon masters -each with their own abilities and recruits – through various campaigns


  • Android

  • Preorder the game until May 23rd!

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