PAX East 2024:Discover Fretless with a hands-on demo and other surprises!

Discover or rediscover Fretless at PAX East 2024

Paris, France, March 15th: Playdigious Originals are coming to PAX East this year with its first ever public booth!
Discover Fretless with the team, along with other announcements and surprises from March 21st to March 24th!

Come say hi at Booth #18097 to discover Fretless’ musical world alongside the Ritual Studio team and get to learn more about the game.

Get ready to rock with sick music, colorful characters and many more surprises to discover at the booth!

To celebrate the occasion, the demo (first revealed during Steam’s Save&Sound event) will also be available again on Steam for a week from March 21st to March 24th! 


  • Explore a musical world: discover whimsical biomes where flowers jingle, rocks really rock and beach waves have their own melody. Watch out for the percushrooms: they’ll beat you up.
  • Engage in musical turn-based combat: orchestrate melodies of mighty musical riffs to bit crush your foes. Plug your instrument, stay on the beat and unleash powerful crescendo attacks!
  • Fine-tune your strategy: collect mighty riffs, add them to your deck, and compose the perfect bars to create unbeatable solos. Follow the beat of your own drum, whether it is high damage build, devastating musical effects, life-stealing combos or even random chaos!
  • Spice up your musical abilities with physical add-ons: are you a metal-rock shredder or an indie-folk lover? Choose the best instrument and add bridges, strings, and more to match your own playstyles.
  • Band together for a wholesome ballad: embark on a story full of musical puns, zany characters and Rob Scallon’s coterie of music-loving friends
  • Enjoy a hand-crafted Pixel Art symphony: progress through a visually enchanting world filled with gorgeous punchy animations and alluring scenery.
  • Music is for everyone: from “simple” music enthusiast to guitar god, everyone can hit the right note at the right time! Whether you are already a fan of Rob or just looking for a fun lighthearted adventure, this game is made for you.

The Wrath of Riffson

About Ritual Studios

Ritual Studios is a young game development company that focuses on creating distinctive and engaging gaming experiences. Their dedication lies in pixel art, captivating storytelling, and innovative gameplay mechanics, as they strive to explore new possibilities in interactive entertainment. The studio comprises a team of four friends who have collaborated both professionally and as hobbyists for over six years. With their collective experience in delivering completed games across various studios, they are well-equipped to handle the task at hand with skill and precision.

About Playdigious Originals

With more than 15 games released on PC, mobile and console, we are proud to bring this expertise to you with our publishing label : Playdigious Originals.
In our years of experience, we’ve seen a huge amount of inspiring game pitches and projects coming our way and it is time for us to explore new horizons by working with them on original PC/Console titles.

Playdigious Originals wants to help bring those creative and innovative indie projects to light. The goal is to be a well-oiled machine bringing its industry insight and technical know-how to collaborate with teams that need to get to the next level.