Shapez is available on mobile now!

Create an abstract shapes factory.

Montpellier, France – December 5th: shapez is now available on iOS and Android at a special 10% off launch price with a free trial!

shapez, the 23rd top rated Steam game of 2020 created by Tobias Springer, is now available on iOS and Android!
shapez is an indie factory building game where you process geometric shapes in a relaxed atmosphere. Expand and automate your creations on an infinite map as your shapes become more and more complex.

shapez is free to play until level 7! Players can now get the full game at a special 10% off launch price until December 12th!



  • Create a unique and complex abstract shapes factory in a satisfying way.

  • Unlock new devices, upgrade them, and optimize your factory by experimenting with diverse tools.

  • Develop your system the way you want: each problem can have many solutions.

  • Enjoy an elegant, minimalist and readable art direction.

  • Go at your own pace with an approachable gameplay and a soothing soundtrack.


Revamped interface

Game Center achievements

iCloud – Share your progress between iOS devices

Cloud Save – Share your progress between Android devices