Gamespot Mobile Game Show: The Streets of Rage 4 multiplayer update will be available on mobile on September 13th!

As announced during Swipe, Gamespot's mobile game show, the Streets of Rage 4 free Online Multiplayer update is finally coming to iOS and Android along with the Battle Mode on September 13th!

Discover or rediscover the full Streets of Rage 4 campaign as a team and play as Axel, Blaze, Adam or their friends to get rid of the new threat menacing Wood Oak City.

Choose your duo wisely and combine you favorite characters’ strengths to defeat the syndicate together in story mode!

The multiplayer update is available online for up to two players.

Avid for more challenges? Face-off with your friend and test your best combos across the game’s 12 iconic levels in the new Battle Mode. How many hits will you get?

Update your game on September 13th to find out!


  • Play online with a partner and gang up to defeat the Y twins’ evil plan together! All of the game modes except the training room are playable with the online multiplayer feature (with up to two players simultaneously)
  • Test your strength : hop in Battle Mode and fight your friends across your favorite levels
  • Crossplay available between iOS and Android players


  • Rediscover the classic beat’em up Streets of Rage franchise with new fight mechanics
  • Get thrilled by the Retro hand-drawn comics-inspired artistic direction by the studio behind Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap serving juicy animations & vivid FX
  • Unlock up to 5 new & emblematic playable characters and fight your way through 12 various stages to bring back order to the streets
  • Challenge yourself and your friends in different modes: Story, Training, Arcade…
  • Listen to a new Electro OST with world class musicians like Olivier Derivière and legend Yuzo Koshiro
  • Get retro with up to 13 alternative retro characters, secret retro levels or choose the SoR1&2 OST and enable the Retro Pixel graphics!

Mr. X Nightmare DLC Features

  • 3 new playable characters
  • A new Survival mode with weekly challenges
  • Character customization: build your own fighting style with new moves
  • New weapons and enemies!

Crack your knuckles and get ready for Streets of Rage 4 everywhere you go!