Gamespot’s Swipe event : Every Playdigious announcements!

Yesterday, Gamespot hosted Swipe, its first - ever mobile showcase, and of course Playdigious were here for it.

The last quarter of 2022 is filled with new updates and releases! Here is a full recap of our announcements on Streets of Rage 4, Dead Cells and Little Nightmares on mobile – just in case you missed them!

Little Nightmares is coming to mobile this Winter!

After more than 3 million copies sold on PC and consoles, the eeriest puzzle-platformer is coming to iOS and Android end of 2022!  

Set in a mysterious world, Little Nightmares follows the journey of Six, a hungry little girl who must escape the Maw, an iron vessel inhabited by monstrous, twisted beings. Help her find a way to the outside through infiltration and platform puzzles!

Sneak your way out of the Maw’s dreary maze and run from its corrupted inhabitants to escape your childhood fears! Are you ready to face your childhood fears?
Find out at the end of this year…

November 29th :
Dead Cells’ new huge free update

Dead Cells on mobile gets tons of new free content once again with the awaited Bank biome, the Enter the Panchaku balancing update and the Breaking Barriers accessibility features! Get ready to cash in on iOS and Android on November 29th!

The Break the Bank free update introduces a whole new gold-plated biome, three new weapons and three new mutations! Enter the bank to take a loan out for gold and face off against your enemies to pay it back before the end. But be careful: they are after your money and have the claws to get it!

In addition to all this new free content, the Enter the Panchaku update adds several balancing updates with damage buffs and nifty new weapon interactions.

But that’s not all: Dead Cells now suits a wider range of needs with the Breaking Barriers accessibility update! All types of players can now edit the games’s graphics and features to enjoy Dead Cells on a whole new level.

September 13th:
Streets of Rage 4 gets its mobile multiplayer update!

The fan-anticipated online multiplayer update is coming to iOS and Android along with the Battle Mode on September 13th!

Discover or rediscover the full Streets of Rage 4 campaign as a team and play as Axel, Blaze, Adam or their friends to get rid of the new threat menacing Wood Oak City. Choose your duo wisely and combine you favorite characters’ strengths to defeat the syndicate together in story mode!

The multiplayer update is available online for up to two players.

Avid for more challenges? Face-off with your friend and test your best combos across the game’s 12 iconic levels in the new Battle Mode. How many hits will you get?